Our technology

One key to the Ovili systems is the use of specialty heating elements (wires) that are resistant to overheating, allows greater consistency and more accurate temperature control. Another advantage is that Ovili’s average element life cycle is increased to 2 years.


1. Element replacement is extremely simple and can be done in 5 minutes or less
2. All Ovili systems include a complete set of heating elements

Using elements instead of UV heat ensures plastics won’t discolor and become yellowed


Every Ovili bending System has the ability to adjust the height of the heating source (element). This is crucial for regulating bending angles and adjusting for different materials.


Ovili bending machines are equipped with electronic control systems, which allow you to set the machine for repetitive work. This is very helpful and a time saving addition when producing duplicated or mass production.

TIMER CONTROL – Ovili systems come with an adjustable timer which can be set for the specific material being bent. The Timer Control is adjustable up to 120 seconds and is easily set by the operator to beep when the material is ready. Pressing the “Start” button resets the timer and ensures correct heating temperatures. A continuous operation mode can also be selected and a safety switch is activated after 30 minutes.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Ovili systems include an element temperature control. This feature is important for uniform heating of thicker materials or when the material is more delicate. Repetitive jobs, for example, larger orders of the same display, are made easier with temperature control.


Ovili can bend plastics without damaging printed images!! Plastics that have been printed (UV inks, digital inks, Screen Printed), laminated plastics, colored plastics and layered plastics can be bent using the Ovili systems with little or no change in color or image contortion.

We offer devices that are able to bend material from 1/64” to .6” (.4 mm – 15mm).


Many Ovili systems have limiting stops so materials can be bent to exacting precision and include measuring guides.


All Ovili machines are equipped with automatic heat shutdown and security system for over tension. Ovili systems meet or exceed CE standards and are designed to provide many years of worry free service.


Ovili machines are manufactured to the highest standards, using only quality parts and components. For example, the hearts of Ovili machines are the transformers and we use units which are extremely resistant to fluctuations in voltage and frequency. This leads to greater consistency, longer life and less wear on other components.