2 heating line unit O-1302

This two element bender has a working surface of 130 cm (51″Inches) and the advantage of heating both sides of the material simultaneously. By heating both sides at the same time, precision bending times are greatly reduced and allow bending of thicker materials. The mechanical arm ensures uniform heating of the material. Compatible with most plastics and material thicknesses from 0.4 mm to 15mm (1/64 – 5/8”). The lower and upper heating elements are independently switched and have separate temperature controls to provide the best results. Our resistance wires offer the longest life available. The O-1302 Temperature and Timer Controls provide superior performance and eliminate discoloration, yellowing and distortion when bending colored and printed surfaces.

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  1. Water and scratch resistant surface
  2. End stop with a measuring guide
  3. Lower and Upper heating elements (Two elements)
  4. Dual and Independent Temperature Controls
  5. Time controller
  6. Dual Height adjustments (both elements)
  7. Automatic Safety System – shuts off unit after 30 minutes
  8. Full 1 Year Warranty

Perfect for bending ABS, Acrylic (Plexigas / PMMA), PC, PVC, PS and PET

Technical Data

60.85 lbs | 27.6kg

Weight with packaging
69.45 lbs | 31.5kg

Machine size
150x70x15 cm / 59x27x6″

Size with packaging
150x75x18 cm / 59x30x7″

220V or 110V

Power consumption

Working with O-1302 bending machine